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Cool beans

2010-03-08 16:33:22 by ciaranthemadnessman

Alright so I've already been asked to make several other games after this one by friends. most are fantasy rpgs. but i am going to make a first person shooter using the doom and wolfenstien engine. So things are going good right about now.

angreh faic

2010-02-14 19:47:33 by ciaranthemadnessman


Well I added melee to all the guns and 7 more cutscenes. i also added 15 more guns such as: The lighning Gatling, The Infiltrator Submachine gun, and Artifact #154.

Peace out more postes soon


2009-11-08 17:02:05 by ciaranthemadnessman

Howdy everybody i am just posting a update on my upcoming game "thing thing vs Madness Combat" its a sprite sidescroller shooter made by me and my friend adam yeah so yeah